Are Car and Ride Share Services Like Uber Slashing DUI Arrest Rates?

Quickly becoming the world’s largest taxi service without owning a single vehicle of their own, Uber (and other car/ride share services) are completely changing the way that we look at “rides for hire” and the entire industry in general. And while traditional taxi, car service, and limousine companies are more than a little bit upset at the disruption that companies like Uber have caused (and the fact that those same companies have completely destroyed their stranglehold on an antiquated business model in a short block of time), it’s hard to argue with those that consider Uber and Uber-like services the […] Read More

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD is a non-profit organization in Canada and the United States. This organization seeks to stop drunk driving and to help the victims. One of their main motives is also to stop underage drinking. The MADD was founded by Candice Lightner, a woman from California, in 1980. She was in grieved of losing her daughter who was 13 years of age who lost her life in the hands of a drunk driver on 3rd may 1980. This was a case in which the driver left the scene at the corner of New York and Sunset […] Read More